Wild Rose Icelandic Horse Farm


"It is clear to me that he has had the very best foundation in training from you, and that your gentle kind and knowledgeable approach to him has given us what we need to make a connection together. I can't wait to get back on him tommorrow."

 ~ Kathy, Sask, Canada

 "It has been my pleasure and good fortune to know Danielle as my horse trainer and  friend. 
She has the special gift of understanding the horse and bringing out it's best.   Her gentle, calm and patient way with horses brings out their trust and a desire to give their all. 
I have had many trainers over the years,some good, some bad but seldom have I been so fortunate as to have both an excellent horsewoman for my horses and instructor for myself.
Danielle is, by far, one of the best Icelandic horse trainers and instructors in Canada at the present time."
   ~Maria Badyk, President of the CIHF Board of Directors

     High River, AB

 Congratulations Danielle for being elected to the Board of Directors for the Canadian Icelandic Horse Federation. 
You have wonderful wisdom, experience, insight and knowledge of horses.  Your have such a passion for the Icelandic horse ....great to see someone living their dream!  Also just wanted to say thanks for the lessons so far.  Your teaching methods are just the thing that I have been looking for "in my old age"!  You are so knowledgeable, conscientious, and competent. I would recommend you to anyone who wishes to start riding as a beginner or who wants to further their knowledge about riding and horses behaviour.  You are an extraordinary trainer and instructor.
Looking forward to my next lesson!
~Mary-Christine Benson
Okotoks, Alberta

 Years ago I purchased an Icelandic horse that was not suited to my riding ability.  The breeder had not given me information about what kind of temperament I should be looking for in an Icelandic horse.  After experiencing a frightful runaway I decided to go with a different breed but always loved Icelandic horses but was too scared to try and buy one again.  Last summer I found out about Danielle's farm,  which was only 20 minutes away from me,  and that was the beginning of a wonderful adventure.  In my heart I have always wanted an Icelandic horse so I went out to meet Danielle and take a lesson.  I was quite nervous when I climbed aboard Sponn,  Danielle's wonderful lesson horse.  I think I held my breath through most of the lesson.  By the end of the lesson I was hooked.  I took a few more lessons and gave it a lot of thought,  and decided it was time for another Icelandic horse in my life. Danielle is a wonderful teacher and without her I would never have found my confidence again.  I am now the proud owner of a lovely black gelding named Svalur.  Danielle knew exactly the type of horse I needed and Svalur is everything I could have wished for.  Danielle is very kind and patient and has a wonderful connection with horses and all animals,  even her chickens love her!  I would highly recommend Danielle as a trainer and teacher and she has also become a wonderful friend.  I have found something magical in the Icelandic horse.  They love to be with their people!  I am 62 now and another great thing about the Icelandic is that it is so easy to get on and off.  My experience with Danielle has been so fantastic.  My heart has needed some healing in the last few years after losing my husband and my mother.  Being out at Danielle's has helped me so much and I have found a peace that I had not had in a long time.

~Fiona Malmburg

High River, Alberta


"Hi" Danielle:
Just wanted to tell you that I really enjoyed my lesson yesterday....you are an awesome instructor!
Looking forward to next Saturday!
Have a great week!
~Mary-Christine (M.C.)

 Danielle, you are so honest and it's very hard to trust a lot of the horse people out there.  You are very good at matching up horse to rider and you are a very kind person.  You are also excellent at giving lessons.  You make it easy for the rider to understand what you want and you make if fun.

~Fiona Malmburg High River, Alberta

 All of your horses are so happy at Wild Rose Icelandic Horse Farm with you and Kyle. I am really looking forward to my next lesson! Once again I have to say that you are an amazing instructor! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!
~Mary-Christine a.k.a. MC

 Thanks so much for the lessons, for wonderful trail rides in the mountains and around the farm, and for giving me the opportunity to ride Svalur! I have learned so, so much from you; you really understand horses, are such an experienced and sensitive trainer, and an excellent instructor. In my experience, riding instructors tend to think inside the box and specialize in narrowly defined fields, such as dressage or western or trail riding. This past year, Svalur and I have tried so much, from simple dressage basics to trail riding and even barrel racing and fun agility games... Icelandics are such a wonderful breed –Danielle truly understand how versatile they are. Icelandics can do anything –and they seem to have fun doing it, even with a rider who's less than perfect!

~Conny Burian

Calgary, Alberta

We have a young Icelandic horse that we sent to a trainer who specializes in Icelandics. After the first session, the formerly calm, gentle and affectionate horse came back spooked, skittish, and hard to approach. A few days into the second training session, the trainer called and told us that they refused to work with him anymore, and that our horse was dangerous and untrainable. We didn't know what to do. Then we found Danielle, and brought the horse to her ranch to see if she could do anything with him. We were immediately impressed with her horse skills and knowledge and the facilities. Danielle understood his fears. With her gentle techniques and understanding of horse behavior, was able to work with him in a way that made him overcome his fear, and made him want to learn.
Danielle is a true "horse whisperer", and her passion for Icelandic horses makes her an excellent trainer.
 ~Mike and Debbie Zamara
           Wardner, B.C.