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fra Sperdi

Erill is an amazing first prize 5 gaited black stallion that scored 8.13 over all at the 2003 Canadian Breeding evaluations. His father Piltur fra Sperdi is a know producer of great horses both riding and show horses. He was imported as a yearling from Iceland and then trained in Canada. We went on from there to become a fantastic partnership that went to competitions and demonstrations from Spruce Meadows in Alberta to New York where we rode with the "pre Knights of Iceland." For many years we also went to demonstrations in Minnesota where we rode with many of my favorite people at the Minnesota Horse Expo. He is a horse with a fantastic blazing fast clear tolt that anyone can ride. Even children. He loves being the star of the show, hearing the people clapping and cheering. He is a horse with an amazing heart. His intelligence always blew me away as he was the type to learn things over night. He has been to parades, all kinds of demonstrations, and has been all over North America. He has a wonderful temperament. A perfect mixture of energy, power and speed with an easy going nature. A push button horse and he often passes on this type of temperament. He is always the horse chosen to lead the young horses out on the trails and down the road for their first times because of his calm dependable nature. And he is a consistent producer of wonderful riding horses out of average mares. His offspring often have great bone, strong hooves, are easy to train, have great tolt and wonderful temperaments. He has 76 registered offspring and many are all over Canada and the US.

2017 Breeding fee: $700cnd

Mare Care: $250 per month or $10 per day.

 Evaluation Scores: 

Head: 7.5                                                      Tolt: 8

Neck Withers Shoulders: 8.5                          Trot: 8

Back and Croup: 8                                          Pace: 8

Proportions: 8                                                Gallop: 8

Leg Quality: 8                                               Temperament: 8.5

Leg Correctness: 8.5                                      Character: 8.5

Hooves: 8                                                     Form Under Rider: 8

Total: 8.10                                                   Walk: 8.5

                                                                   Total: 8.15

Erill Offspring:

 Visiting Stallions

Týr II frá Fitjamyri Farm

Owner Maria Badyk

Tyr is an exciting young stallion. His father is Bragur fra Fitjamyri(five gaited silver dapple stallion with fantastic gaits and a phenomenal temperament) and his mother is Hekla fra Vatnsenda, five gaited red and white pinto mare who is an exceptional broodmare(mother of Sida fra Fitjamyri).  Tyr has high natural lift and light movements. He is easy and natural to bend at the pole, has big powerful steps, and he has a wonderful temperament. He is easy to ride and calm on the roads or in the forest trail rides. He never over reacts to things and is a thinker. He is very sweet and friendly, loves attention and is very kind with children.  With his great breeding, conformation, fantastic temperament and movements it will be very interesting to see what he develops into. His full sister Maeja fra Fitjamyri was 4th in the breeding show for 6 year old mares at the Icelandic World Championships in 2013. His half sister Blika 08 fra Fitjamyri is the second highest domestic bred horse in Canada with the highest ridden abilities score of 8.42. 

2015 Conformation Judgement:
Head: 7.5

Neck Withers Shoulders: 8.5

Back and Croup: 8

Proportions: 8

Legs: 8

Joints: 8.5

Hooves: 7.5

Mane/Tail: 8

Total: 8.05

For more information please contact Maria Badyk. Email: mariabadyk@gmail.com

Sire: Bragur fra Fitjamyri 

Dam: Hekla fra Vantsenda