Wild Rose Icelandic Horse Farm


What We Offer:

  • Clinics
  • Sales
  • Lessons
  • Boarding
  • Training


  • Re-training of problem horses
  • Starting untrained/young horses
  • Training and showing competition/breeding show horses
  • Trail/Pleasure horse training
  • Additional training for any level of horse to suit the needs of the rider
  • Mountain Trail Riding Training


Any level of rider is welcome. From beginner to competition level. Children - Adults.

Our Goals With Your Horse

We use positive reinforcement in our training and we train the horses according to what they are ready for. This creates a partner that trusts you, wants to please you and do whatever you ask instead of a horse that doesn't work with you. We use a lot of dressage work and keep the horses as loose through the body as possible. We also train the horses to be light in the mouth which increases the communication between the rider and the horse. We feel that these two factors plus excellent care brings a horse to it's highest potential whether it's a show horse or a loving companion and trail horse. 

Our training program also comes with 1 free lesson when your horse is ready to go home. This way you can learn all it's cues and feel confident to enjoy your newly trained horse.

 We are very close to the mountains and often drive up there for trail riding and mountain training. In the mountains the horses get experience with river and creek crossings, varied and often difficult terrain, experience with the local wild life(partridges, deer, mountain sheep, elk, bears, etc) and work up and down steep trails learning to balance themselves.  


Where a horse ends up matters to us. We want horses to go to good homes where they will be loved and cared for properly. When a person purchases one of our horses, we give the utmost special attention to that person. The new owner will have 2 free lessons and will be able to contact us for any questions or concerns they are having with their new horse. Whether it be about the care, training for future endevors or any problems that arise. We are always here to help. As well we pass on information packages on how to properly care for the new horse. 


Above: Danielle and Mystery. One month training 

 Above: Danielle and Blika 08 fra Fitjamyri. First prize mare.

Above: Danielle and Vodis. First in four gait and T1 2014.


 The care and health of the horses is our utmost concern. Any horse that is in training here always has access to high quality mineral supplements, they are dewormed every 3 months, dental and farrier work up to date, and are on a grooming program for their coats, manes and tails. Their hooves are carefully looked after as far as oiling them regularly and expert farrier services. We also have a great Osteopath that can work on any horses that are having problems in connection to their bone structures, pulled muscles or possible nerve damage.

Having access to controlled grazing of thick grass fields adds dapples and a beautiful bloom to their coats and a wonderful shine and to their manes and tails. We have 40 acres of pasture land for grazing, a beautiful 6 stall barn, and access to fantastic riding all through our property and in the crown land just west of our property.

When the horses are in their large paddocks and not on the fields we supply them with hay filled slow feeders. These feeders have small sized squares that enable the horses to constantly "graze" small amounts while on their dry lots. This keeps acid levels down in the stomach and prevents ulcers, boredom and bad habits from starting. 

Above: Danielle and Blika 08 fra Fitjamyri.  

Danielle and Raudka fra Fitjamyri 

Danielle and Vordis training for an upcoming breeding show