Wild Rose Icelandic Horse Farm


Here at Wild Rose Icelandic Horse Farm we have a nice relaxing atmosphere for learning.  Our way of teaching is relaxed with lots of patience and no pressure. We believe that everyone learns how to ride in different ways and rarely at the same pace. The lessons are adjusted to suit the needs of each and any rider. Young or old, anyone can learn how to ride a horse. Beginner, intermediate or advanced riders are welcome. For advanced riders we have lesson horses that are show horses. Our lessons can be private lessons or group lessons depending on if the levels of skill matches. Our horses are well trained, patient with very sweet temperaments. As well we offer lessons for those that have their own horses.

Our environment for children lessons is based on fun and learning. Children are taught to brush and saddle their own horse and as well they learn to lead the horse where they want to go. This builds a foundation where  the child can work around horses independently and if they one day buy their own horse, they will know how to care for it and saddle if for riding. We feel this is important in the overall experience of being around horses. Beginner riders as well learn to lead, groom and saddle their own horses. We do not ask our students to do anything that makes them uncomfortable. If a rider is not ready to do faster gaits, they only advance to faster gaits when they are ready.

The lesson horses wear traditional Icelandic bridals and saddles. The Icelandic saddle is very similar to a dressage saddle but has a wider gullet. The bridals used are with the drop nose band and the french link snaffle.

We currently have an outdoor arena for lessons but in the future we will be building a new indoor arena. We have lessons year round, weather permitting.

For more information please contact us at wildrosehorsetraining@yahoo.ca

Our Lesson Horses

 Skvetta fra Moondance Acres

Skvetta is our sweetest and most dependable riding horse. Nothing fazes this mare and she is great with beginner riders and children. She is five gaited and has a wonderful smooth clear tolt. She is always caring and takes care of her riders. She is black with a thick mane and tail and stands 14.1hh. She is 10 years old.

Stefnir fra Icelandic Horse Farm

Stefnir is a sweet hearted 12.3hh gelding. He has had many years experience as a kids lesson horse and is a fun riding horse. Currently he is our young kids lead line guy. He is smaller and younger children often feel more secure on him. He is five gaited with an easy to find tolt and he is 16 years old. He has a lovely long blond mane which earned him the nick name of the "Barbie Horse". He loves people and attention and gives kisses for cookies.   

Svalur fra Fitjamyri

Svalur is a 13.1hh black gelding. He is a teddy bear that is very cuddly and lovable. He loves people and loves to do lessons. He is great with  beginners and intermediate riders as he tends to adjust his gaits to the riders balance. With beginners he tends to walk and go very slowly and carefully. With intermediate riders he moves forward more and gives a very clear tolt. He is wonderful to ride and well trained. He is 7 years old.