Wild Rose Icelandic Horse Farm


Hrima fra Fitjamyiri
Owned by Wild Rose Icelandic Horse Farm
Hrima is a beautiful bay mare with very nice conformation (7.93) and lovely gaits. She is 13.2hh, five gaited with a light show type horse build and a very thick beautiful mane and tail. Hrima is an evaluated 2nd prize mare with a total score of 7.63. She also has done very well in competitive trail riding. In 2015 she competed in 3 25mile novice division ctrs and she placed in each one. Her first ctr she placed 4th which was a tough ride with lots of hills and hot humid weather. Her second ride was another tough ride where she placed 6th with again 100% humidity and very heavy deep footing. And her third ctr was another tough ride with many very steep climbs, very technical terrain with steep descents, goat trails, boulder climbing, and hard footing. Hrima did amazing in what was considered the toughest ride of the year. She ended up in 4th place out of 60 riders. Long distance trail riding is her thing. She is a higher energy horse which is needed for the longer distances but once she gets going, she knows how to conserve her energy and go along at a really nice speed. She will walk quite easily on a loose rein with a big striding walk that I clocked at 4.5kmph.(CTR average speed is around 5kmph) She has the perfect temperament for ctrs as well. She just does her job. No fuss, no crankiness, no brattiness. Always sweet natured and does whatever you ask. She goes through any type of terrain. Water holes, mud, rivers, ponds, highways, you name it. She is often the leader for other horses because of all the experience she has. She is very good at steep descents, sliding on her haunches and walking with her front legs. She can help open gates as well. She is very well trained with suppling and leg/rein aids, a pro in the horse trailer, easy to deworm, vaccinate, farrier. Friendly(but not in your pocket type), non
spooky. She would make someone a very nice broodmare as well.

Hrima will be offered for sale in June/2017 

Price: $12,000cnd