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Horses Sold 

CA2008202258 Elja fra Arnason Farms

(More pictures coming soon)

Elja is a very sweet natured natural tolting mare that everyone will love. She is strikingly black in color with a nice mane and tail, big solid bones and hooves and a sweet face. She is a tolting machine! Smooth clear tolt, soft on the reins, push button type mare. She has done some mountain riding, road riding with traffic, and lots of arena work as well. She is solid in the mountains and great with tough terrain and crossing rivers and creeks. She loves people, is easy to deworm, trim, shoe, work around and is great loading in the trailer. Her father is first prize stallion Erill fra Sperdi and her mother is a children's riding horse. Elja is one of my personal favorites because of her riding horse qualities. She just does whatever is asked and loves to please. Plus her tolt can be ridden for miles. Elja would make a lovely riding horse and breeding mare as well. She is quite beautiful in her conformation and has a wonderful temperament. Elja is best suited as an intermediate horse.

Video: https://youtu.be/QNVFl0_SHq0

Price: $8000cnd

Tindra fra Icelandic Meadows

Owner: Judy Lowles Icelandic Meadows

Tindra is a 6 year old chestnut(silver dapple chestnut?) mare.  She is five gaited. At 14.1hh she is a very big and solid mare. She has a wonderful temperament. Very sweet, loving and willing to please. She is also very intelligent. She learns things very quickly and is eager for more. Currently she is for an intermediate rider as she is still green. She is right now not willing or lazy. She's a push button horse.  Only does what you want. She is not sensitive or quick. She will be a great family horse or trail riding horse. She does bending through the body, turn on the forehand, backing up, trail rides down the road with traffic or trailered to riding trails, easy to catch(almost puts the halter on herself), easy to lead and work around, leg yielding, easy to trailer, ridden in the mountains, easy to trim and shoe, goes through creeks and is soft in the mouth. She knows the different cues for trot and tolt and can do a slow/medium tolt. She can also be ponied with no problem.  Tindra is currently at her owner's farm in Sundre Alberta.  To watch her 1 month trained video, go to:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oU3WebsifEE

Price: $6000

 Odlingur fra Iliffs Icelandic Horses

Owner: Wild Rose Icelandic Horse Farm

"Oddi" is a bay 7 year old 5 gaited gelding. He has been started and trained by a professional trainer for one and a half years. He has crystal clear gaits.  He is light on the bit and all he wants to do is please you. He does all of his gaits on command. (even pace) He is also talented enough to be a competition horse in Tolt or Fivegait. He has basic dressage training(leg yeilds, turn on haunches, turn on forhand, shoulder in/out, etc) plus he does a few extra tricks like shaking hands, playing tag and giving kisses. He is a people horse and loves attention. He knows his name and comes running when you call him.  He also knows how to poney, train others to poney and to run beside the quad. He has been ridden on roads with semis and traffic and has been ridden in the mountains. He also has experiance with dirt bikes, joggers, dogs, bicycles and farm machinery. So far not much fazes him!  He is perfect for intermediate rider.

To see a video of Oddi go to  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EKs7IxBVVjE

In the video, Oddi has no shoes on.

Svalur fra Fitjamyri 

Owner: Fitjamyri Icelandic Horse Farm

Svalur is a black 7 year old gelding. He is a wonderful riding horse with smooth gaits and natural tolt. He has a feather light mouth and knows leg yielding and bending through the body. He is easy to catch and easy to work around. He has a lovely teddy bear personality, is easy going with out being lazy and takes care of his rider. He is great in all kinds of traffic and is not a spooky horse. He stops on a dime as soon as you give the word. He is currently barefoot trimmed. He would be great for kids, riders that need a reliable horse, beginner riders or intermediate riders that just want a nice uncomplicated riding horse. He loves people and is more of a low man on the totem pole in the herd. We have yet to measure his height but he is approximately 12.3 or 13hh. He is strongly made and has no problems carrying 140lbs. He would also make a great lesson horse as he is very patient. Danielle has put a month and a half of training on him and will continue training him until he is sold.

Price: $8000cnd

His video link:



Sleipnir fra Fitjamyri

Owner: Wild Rose Farm

Sleipnir is approximately 13.2hh. He is 6 year old chestnut pinto gelding.  He has excellent feet and is easy to catch(he practically puts the halter on himself) and work around. He is EXTREMELY SMOOTH TO RIDE!!! His walk and tolt both have little movement through his back which makes him very smooth and well suited to riders with hip or back injuries. He actually prefers tolt right now but will trot on command. His tolt is clear if kept to a slow and medium speed. His canter is clear and easy to find.  He is also very light in the leg aids where you only have to tighten your leg to get him to leg yield over. He is also light on the reins and easy to bend, collect and leg yield. He has some energy so is suited to an intermediate rider. He is currently very good with traffic, likes to chase cows, and is the type of horse that would be well suited to nice long trail rides. He loves people and loves attention. We will be continuing to take him to the mountains for experience in the summer. He is now in training to be a competition horse for 2013 but because of his easy nature and soft on the bit feel, he will be great to do both competitions and trail rides. With his special color, great temperment, smooth gaits and talent, he is a very special horse. He is currently showing good lift and good range of speed in tolt. He is showing promise to be a good competition horse in T1 and T2.

Price $8,000cnd   

Video coming soon.    


Sambucca is a 5 year old Single Footing mare that came here from BC in June. Congradulations to Vernon and Alisya Thompson! Sambucca has gone to a wonderful home with caring owners on a beautiful acreage south of Calgary. We wish them well! 


Saphira is a 4 year old Single Footing mare that was here for training from BC in June. Congradulations to Sheri and Ainsely Doeber in Crowsnest Pass, Alberta! We are so pleased that Saphira has gone to such a happy home.