Wild Rose Icelandic Horse Farm


Alvar fra Vindsdalur
Owner: Wild Rose Icelandic Horse Farm
Alvar is a promising young 6 year old gelding that will be arriving at our farm this spring. He is a 14.1hh chestnut gelding.  He has had lots of ground work experience and is currently being trained under saddle. He is very talented with natural high lift and large steps. He is very well bred as well. Alvar is available to experienced riders currently. He might be your next competition horse!  Please stay tuned!! He is going to be something special.

Tvistur fra Kosmeniuks
Owned by Wild Rose Icelandic Horse Farm
Tvistur is a 13.3 hand 9 year old gelding. He is currently in training under saddle and will be offered for sale in the future. He is a five gaited gelding, easy going and sweet natured. He is sired by Erill fra Sperdi our first prize stallion. Erill throws wonderful riding horses that are usually push button types. Tvistur has a solid strong frame and very good bone and hooves. He is also Stjarni's full brother(for sale below). There is an option to purchase Tvistur and have him kept in training for 5 months for a special total price of $8500cnd. Contact us for more info!  Please stay tuned for new updates!
 Update August 14th: Tvistur is now under saddle doing walk and trot in the arena and short trail rides down the road. He is soft and supple in the bridle and has a medium energy level. He is giving to the bit and able to go walk and trot in a nice soft relaxed frame. He is lunging like a pro as well and very calm and steady getting his shoes put on. He is also excellent with being dewormed.
Update Sept 15th: Tvistur is now doing trail rides through the forest and short rides down the road. He seems to be not spooky and very confident with everything so far.  He is also currently learning tolt and seems to be very easy to train in tolt. After the second tolt training day he was already picking up tolt. He will be a very natural tolter when he is stronger.
Andi fra Kozmeniuks
Owned by Wild Rose Icelandic Horse Farm

Andi is a 6 year old chestnut gelding. He stands 13.3hh and has a solid build with good bone and hooves. He is a well raised good looking son of Erill fra Sperdli. He has nice big movements and a very naturally supple way of going. He is five gaited and does tolt in transitions. He seems to have a medium sensitivity level and will probably be a medium energy type horse.  He is currently in training and is offered for sale. We have a package deal for him where he can be purchased for $8500cnd which includes his purchase price and 5 months training from us. For more information please contact us. Xrays of his hocks were done in a pre purchase exam and both the xrays and the results of the exam are available to the potential buyer. He passed with clean hocks and a clean bill of health.
Andi is very sweet natured and lovely to work with. He is always wanting to please. He is currently good with his feet, has nice ground manners, good to deworm and work around, very friendly and basically puts the halter on himself. Please stay tuned for updates!
Update August 14th 2017: Andi is currently doing very well having a rider sitting on him and he is just beginning his bit work. He is very nice and solid lunging and leading. He is fine with wearing a saddle as well.
Update Sept 15th 2017: Andi is currently being ridden in the barn with confidence and just starting out in the round pen.

Phoenix fra Kozmeniuks
Owned by Wild Rose Icelandic Horse Farm

Phoenix is a 5 year old chestnut gelding. He is over 13.2hh and with training we think he will push up to 13.3hh. He has a lovely uphill build like his brothers Andi and Tvistur with good bone and a solid build. He is a very laid back type horse. Lovely easy going temperament. Low sensitivity level and seems to have a lower energy level. Usually horses like this are great for nervous or beginner type riders although he may get more energy later with training and strengthening. He seems very gaited with a bit of a 4 beaten trot. Tolt is right there and easily seen in transitions. Phoenix is very easy going to be around, loves to cuddle and be loved, and is highly intelligent. He will become an excellent trail horse with more training and have little to no spookyness. He will probably go through any type of hazard on the trail. He is good with his feet, good with deworming, very friendly and pretty much puts the halter on himself. Please stay tuned for updates!
Update August 14th 2017: Phoenix is currently just started being ridden in the arena at a walk. Before this he was ridden quite a bit in the round pen at a walk working on turning and stopping. He is getting better and better with his bit aids and has a very good stop already. After one ride in the arena he is already comfortable with his surroundings which is a good indication of how he will be on the trails. He is solid in his lunging and very responsive.
Update Sept. 14th 2017: Phoenix is now being ridden on simple trail rides through the forest and down the road. He is also doing walk and trot in the arena and we are also currently working on rein suppling. On the trails he is as we suspected, very confident, not looking or spooking at anything and even went through some boggy footing with ease. He loves trail riding.