Wild Rose Icelandic Horse Farm

 Evaluation Horse Training

 Evaluation horses are horses that are being judged at shows for their potential as a breeding horse. Usually there is an Evaluation once a year in Canada. A breeding horse can score higher or lower depending on their training and care and we take this very seriously. Our goal is to produce horses that are at their highest potential in their fitness, conformation, health and riding qualities as well as keeping them happy, light on the bit, supple and able to be ridden by their owners.  


The evaluation horses that come into our care are given high quality nutrition including excellent vitamins and minerals along with our special supplemental feeding. They are allowed limited grazing on nutritious prairie grass as well as supplemented with the highest quality hay. This helps with energy levels, builds muscles, and creates very shiny, healthy hair coats and mane/tails. The special vitamins and minerals keep the hair coats from sun bleaching which gives the impression that their hair coat is glowing. The feeding program also helps with healthy hoof growth. The end result is a horse that is very bright and alert with energy reserves to spare and that has a beautiful rich shine to their coats.


The evaluation horses are kept in their own private paddocks before the show to minimize the chance of injury with other horses. There is of course also the option if the owner chooses to have them live with the other horses(with the exception of stallions). They have their paddocks cleaned once daily and for the times that they are not on grass, they are fed using special hay nets to minimize the chance of ulcers which comes with the typical morning/night feedings. The hay nets slow down the speed of eating which mimics "grazing". The paddocks are spacious so that the evaluation horses have room to run and play if they wish. In the case of bad weather(ie cold, rainy, windy weather) the evaluation horses are brought into the dry stable to relax. 


Training done properly can result in an increase score of the horses conformation and riding qualities. A 6.5 neck and shoulders can be changed to an 8.5 neck with the right kind of training. It can mean the difference between a first prize horse and an average horse.  The evaluation horses are kept to a program of 4-5 days per week endurance/strength training, dressage work, suppling work, gait training and gait training for speed. Their work outs are geared towards what each individual horse is needing. Their moods, energy levels and changes in their conformation are followed very carefully and adjusted accordingly. We use our access to big rolling hills, open fields and the mountains, as well as our indoor arena and outdoor arena for their training. We are very strict on producing an evaluation horse that can still be ridden by the owner afterwards. Despite the forward thinking and higher energy levels, we believe that an evaluation horse/show horse can still be feather light on the bit, flexible and soft through the body and well trained to leg and rein aids. We are firmly against having the evaluation horses frozen or hard on the bits and run away freight trains. Because of how light the horses we train are, French link soft snaffels are our preferred choice of bit. We also do not use heavy weights or heavy shoes to correct gait problems. We instead re train the horse to gait properly.


We have several exercises that we use to "open the shoulders" and lengthen the stride of the horses. This can actually change the movement of the horse to the point of starting with a trail riding horse with a short stride and no lift to producing a high lifting long striding show horse. These exercises are excellent for evaluation horses that have high conformation scores but average riding scores. Just like people, horses can get locked up in their shoulders, backs, necks and hind ends. Our Osteopath Julie Parsonage is available for any chiropractic/massage/nerve work that may be needed.  Our special exercises work to loosen up the shoulders, back and hind end and make a short striding horse into a long striding horse. They also help teach the horse to use it's back and hind end properly which aids in "dancing" in their gaits. And they create a tolt that is exceptionally clear beated. For a horse that already has high lift, it just increases their potential to even greater heights.

Farrier Services

We offer farrier services for either balanced trims, regular shoes or breeding show farrier work. Our farrier Justin is very patient with the horses and does an excellent job.


We accept stallions on a limited basis depending on the amount of room we have. Stallions are kept adjacent with easy going geldings in safe, strong paddocks and pastures(if possible). We believe being next to the geldings helps socialize the stallions and lessens the chance of misbehaving at the show. We also go the greater length of purposely socializing them in the company of all horses. Mares, geldings or other stallions. This we do also at other locations which prepares them for the show. We feel that a socialized, well behaved stallion, lessens the chance of injury to himself or other people or horses, and can increase his scores for temperament and character. The stallions also have access to large pastures and grazing. This we feel is important in their over all well being.

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The longer a horse is in training for an evaluation, the better the horse will be. Because our evaluations are only once a year, we are expecting our horses to be at their very best on that show day and this takes a long time to develop.  The usual 3 months training before a show is not recommended as it is like asking an olympic competitor to be ready for the Olympics and to be in the top 6 within 3 months. This is not fair to the horse. We recommend 6 months minimum. This gives us time to correct any incorrect hoof angles and also allows the horse time to build the muscles and endurance needed to give it's best.

Evaluation horse training: $675cnd per month

Stallions: Please contact for pricing and availability... 

Full Evaluation Fee(conformation and riding qualities): $200

Evaluation Conformation Only: $100

*Please contact us for an estimate as farrier services, osteopathic services, deworming, trailering, vet bills and show fees, etc. are not included.*