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Feb 04/2017
We have more promising horses for sale and some of the pages have received updating! Feel free to check out the stallion page and the horses for sale. We are also updating all the pages so make sure to check back for updates!
Feb 1/2017
We have a new horse coming up for sale! Please check under "Mares" in the horse for sale section.
Merry Christmas from all of us at Wild Rose Icelandic Horse Farm!

 June 10/2016

We now have some new sale horses here! Stay tuned for these boys! All three are sons of our stallion Erill fra Sperdi, and two of them are big tall solid geldings just waiting for their new owner to love them.

 June 1/2016

Vina has now been sold. Congratulations to her new owner!

 May 21/2016

We have some new horses up for sale! A mare named Vina and a gelding named Svalur. Please feel free to check our horses for sale page. We also have some other new horses coming up for sale so stay tuned! They are quite beautiful and will make fantastic partners on the trails.

 March 7/2016

Breeding season is almost here! Make sure to keep these two beautiful boys in mind when deciding on stallions. Tyr is a 6 year old chestnut promising stallion with first prize conformation. He has a wonderful temperament and beautiful gaits. Erill is our 21 year old first prize black stallion. He has an amazing tolt and the dream horse personality. Energy but very easy to ride. His many offspring have made people happy all over North America. For more info on these boys please check out our stallion page.

March 6/2016
I just realized that I forgot to introduce our new dog! This is our beautiful Nala. She came to the farm last Sept. and she has been my best friend and wonderful companion. She is a beautiful black sable working line German Shepherd. Not only is she beautiful, she is intelligent, loyal, protects the farm with her deep bark and her intimidating look. I love her dearly!

 Jan 30th/2016

Congradulations to Chalse and Aurora! They achieved great things last year becoming the Novice Junior Champion in CTR. They worked so hard for it and deserve every bit of the award.

 Dec 20/2015

We had our 2015 Christmas Ride and Potluck and it was a success! Everyone had a great time decorating their horses and going for a ride though the forest. Afterwards we went into the warm house, ate some very delicious food and sat around the table or by the fire place visiting. We had punch, hot chocolate Baileys and mint schnaps to celebrate the Christmas season. It was a blast! The horses wore jingle bells and sparkled with decorations. Thankyou to everyone that came and supported our event. And thankyou to all of you that brought all the food, goodies and drinks. 

 December 11/2015

New horse for sale! Check under our section of mares for sale!

 December 11/2015

Winter has arrived! We will be hosting a Christmas Ride and Potluck on Dec 20th at 11am. For more information please contact us!

 August 15/2015

Well we just arrived back from the World Championships that were held in Herning Denmark. I was away there for almost one month with Blika 08 fra Fitjamyri. She was shipped there by her owner Maria Badyk to compete in the breeding show section and the 5 gait class at the worlds. We both arrived two weeks before the show. Unfortunately because of everything Blika has had to go through and her inexperience with the crowds, noise and grand scale atmosphere, Blika did not show to her usual high standard. It was a big disappointment for all of us but unfortunately that is how unpredictable horses can be. She had big problems with the crowds and the stands and this made her stiff in her form under rider and in her gaits. Even her gallop suffered as she repetitively went to cross gallop. The whole trip was a valuable experience for all of us and we couldn't have done as well as we did without the valuable help, experience and knowledge of our team. Blika is still having to deal with all the impossible rules of quarantine. She is currently still in Germany staying at a special quarantine facility and will remain there until August 17th where she will fly home and then have to be kept in quarantine at our farm for an additional 10-14 days. What she has had to endure since her departure would exhaust any horse and surprisingly enough, the show jumpers that fly over for competitions don't have to go through what she is going through because their competitions put the horses in a quarantine area at the show. However this whole process was a huge learning experience for us and what we learned will help others in the future that wish to bring a horse for the worlds.

June 14/2015

Our beautiful silver dapple Loki is sold. Congratulations to his new owners!

 June 14/2015

Elja is sold. Congratulations to her new owners!

June 04/2015

New video of our farm is up! Feel free to check it out!

May 18/2015

New horses up for sale on the sales page! Please feel free to check them out!

My husband and I and our two silver dapple horses Manadis and Loki. 


Chalse and Aurora are training hard for the competitive trail ride season! They are a fantastic team and will definitely do well in the future! Aurora is one of our past sales horses and our "unicorn" of the farm. We are so happy that she has such a wonderful home!

May 15/2015

Lessons are in full swing. No more cancellations! Our arena is holding up fantastic to the rain that we are getting.

May 15/2015

Big news here! We finally built an arena and round pen! We are so excited to have our facilities all set up now. The footing is fantastic. It drains extremely well and doesn't puddle anywhere. As well this past weekend we built the fence around the arena. Thankyou to my wonderful husband for taking time out of his days to do this for me! The horses are training very well with the new grounds to work on. Photos below.

April 29th/2015

Photo shoot with Jade!!! We had a blast taking pics of our german shepherd grabbing the frisbee.

 April 4th/2015

We have some exciting news! After extensive planning Maria Badyk has decided to have her mare Blika 08 fra Fitjamyri compete in the breeding show part of the Word Championships in Denmark this summer. This is the first time a Canadian owned, Canadian trained and Canadian ridden horse will be flown over to Europe for the World Championships. Blika was trained here by myself last year for the 2014 breeding show in Vernon BC where she scored an impressive 8.27 for ridden abilities as a six year old. She is now here in training again for this years breeding evaluations. After that, it's on to the Worlds! I am so excited to have this amazing opportunity to show this mare at that level and as always I am loving training this fantastic mare. 

 April 4th/2015

Training is in full force right now. Currently we are full for training but openings sometimes come up so if you are interested, please contact us. As well we are starting to book horses for mid August so please let us know as soon as possible because those spaces are starting to fill as well.

The show horses are all getting into high gear! Vernon Evaluations here we come!

April 4th/2015

Our stable is pretty much finished now. We just have to finish the electrical in the loft, finish the loft sides and do the concrete in the aisle. Here are some pictures of it.



Our new stable has arrived! This coming weekend we will be building the stalls and setting up the electrical. But we are already using it. We just couldn't wait.

Jan. 26/2015

We are now set up for lessons again! Lessons will be weather pending but we have very little wind here so we should be ok! As well training has commenced and we are almost full for spring so please let us know as soon as possible if you would like to book horse training for the future.

 Jan. 10/2015

WE HAVE MOVED!!! We have moved to a new farm 1 hour north west of Calgary and 45 minutes from Cochrane. Our new farm is more than we could dream of! 40 acres, lots and lots of trees that shelter us from the wind, access to fantastic crown land for endless riding and close to the famous Ya Ha Tinda national park. We have a beautiful new barn being built in February, an outdoor arena being put in and a new indoor arena coming soon! We are very excited about this new place as now we can start taking our students out on trail rides through the trees, we have more snow which is better for training and all the buildings are brand new. We are feeling privileged to have found a place like this and very very happy. Please stay tuned to find out when we will be starting up lessons again. Currently we are accepting horses for training.  Below are some pictures of our new home. :-D


Merry Christmas from Wild Rose Icelandic Horse Farm! Thankyou to all our clients, students and friends for an exciting and rewarding year! Stay tuned as we have some exciting news for 2015!!

 Dec 1/2014

Things have slowed down quite a bit here on the farm. The horses are on holidays and out on the fields enjoying "horse time" where they don't see much of us. The lessons are still going strong however. Riders are braving the cold snaps and riding bare back to stay warm.

Oct 12/2014

Lots of lessons going on this fall! We have several children taking lessons as well as adults. Our lesson horses are stars with their patience and wonderful temperaments. Currently Stebbi is the favorite with the kids and our new lesson horse Gaefa is the star of the older riders. Everyone is doing spectacular!

Also on the 20th of Sept Wild Rose Farm bought two icelandic mares from auction. The mares had possibilities of going for slaughter. Thankfully they are here now safe at the farm. Gola(bay mare) is 10 years old and Sverta(black mare) is 16 years old. Both mares arrived very thin and untrained so they didn't really know how to lead. As well they were covered with bot eggs and had come from a very traumatic situation at the auction. Both mares are now on free choice hay and pasture and as well are getting some extras. Both mares are now very friendly and love attention. We are very pleased to have them join our herd. 

Oct. 4/2014

Fall trail ride! A group of us went out to the mountains but found too much snow! So we turned around and went back to Maria Badyks farm. We had a really nice ride there and then tea afterwards. Thankyou to Maria for your wonderful hospitality!

 Aug 14/2014

Finally get to start riding my boy! Saevar was in training last October for only 2 weeks and then he had an almost one year holiday because I just didn't have time for him. Now that the show is over, we can have some fun together. In this pic it's his second day in training and he remembers everything like it was yesterday. He is so special.

 Aug 13 2014

The evaluations were a success! Blika 08 fra Fitjamyri went first prize with a total score of 8.09. She was the highest judged horse at the show and now holds the title of highest judged domestic bred mare in Canada. Her riding score of 8.27 consisted of 8.5s, 8s and one 7.5 for pace. Congradulations to her owner Maria Badyk! Vordis from Extreme Farms wowed everyone with her beauty under saddle and high lifting canter/gallop. She had scores of 8s and 7.5s which is not to bad for a young 5 year old with only 6 months training. Hrima fra Fitjamyri also did very well. 8s and 7.5s were in her scores which is not bad either for her first time. She's a horse with a future. All three mares had 8.5 for walk as well. Vordis fra Moondance Acres had some bad luck. The night before ridden abilities, she must have sprained something in her left front leg or pulled a muscle as she was lame the next day. We decided to pull her out of the competition rather than risk hurting that injury more.

July 5th 2014

Busy busy summer! We had a very wet spring with record rain fall in parts of Alberta and now it's hot and the mosquitos are terrible! Training continues for the Evaluation horses and all are doing very well. The breeding show will be Aug 9 and 10th. Now that the rivers are dropping, we are planning on some mountain riding as well.

 July 5th 2014

Vernon horse show! On June 28 and 29th Vordis and I competed at the Vernon Horse Show where we won Tolt and 4 -Gait. We had a great time with friends and won two bridals!

 Jan 30th 2014

Lovin working with the babies! :-D

 Jan 30th 2014

Training has begun for many of our horses that were off for the fall and winter. Aurora has started training for the CTRs again this year, Vordis has begun training to get in shape for the competitions coming up this year, as well Hrima our new show mare is getting some suppling work done before her holidays, a group that's here for training are getting better and better, and the lesson horses are as well doing some suppling work so they are ready for the busy lesson season. Because of the ice on the ground, many of the riding horses are getting shoes with ice corks to keep them safe from falls. It has been a tough winter and currently we are going through yet another cold spell. The horses are fairing well with 6 inch winter coats. We've had some very beautiful sunsets here as well. :-)

December 24th/2013

Christmas Ride! We had a lovely Christmas ride with the ladies Fiona and Maureen. Strong Chinook winds kept us inside the arena but we made the best of it and played some Christmas music.

December 12th/2013

Another new horse arrived! Her name is Atla and she is newly owned by Connie Lehocky in Montana! Congratulations Connie on this wonderful sweet heart.

December 12th/2013

New horse arrived! Her name is Hrima and she is joining the herd here to be a show horse, ctr horse and eventually broodmare. Her exceptionally sweet nature is wonderful to work around. :-)

December 06/2013

Major cold snap has settled in with temps in the -40c range at night. Daytime highs around -25c. All lessons and riding have been cancelled because of it. Brrrr Next week looks to be warmer.

December 02/2013

Blizzard rolled through! First blizzard in a very long time for this area. We had about a foot of snow, 80kms winds and freezing temps of -26c windchill. The horses did very well and didn't get cold at all but just in case, we were feeding 4 times per day through the three foot drifts. A huge drift that was approximately 5 feet high built up in front of the barn door making us having to duck through the doorway as we went out to feed. Pics are below.

 Nov 21/2013

We've been getting snow and more snow this winter so far! The horses are wooly as ever.

 October 24/2013

New videos! Look under Services and then Videos of Horses Trained.

 October 19/2013

Fall is starting to creep in with cold temps and frosts. Most of the leaves are on the ground now and the horses are getting wooly. This year was especially busy with lessons and fun. Here are some pics from this year.

 Sept 30/2013

Saevar from Wild Rose Farm has begun training! While I had planned for just a month of very light training, he learned everything so fast that after 1 week I was able to ride him up and down the stable. So after a week and a half of teaching the basics, out he went again to continue growing an maturing. What a fantastic young stallion. So intelligent. One of those "born trained" types.

Sept 23/2013

Rattle Snake Round Up CTR! Just came home from the 40km ctr. It was a very tough and technical ride and unfortunately Aurora just wasn't fit enough so we came in too late and got disqualified. But despite that, we had an amazing ride. The scenery was the best I've seen. It was very dangerous with the steep climbs, rattle snakes and sometimes difficult descents and goat trails but that's what made it so much fun. Of the 40 novice riders, only 17 made it through and some went lame from the terrain. One rider's horse fell and rolled on it's rider, another rider got lost and had to have a search party out to find her in the dark. Last year on a controlled tour of the park, a riders horse acted up and threw her off a cliff. She had to be air lifted out and was in a coma for 3 weeks. This park is only allowed for riding in during the ctr and with controlled tours. There were places where we were not allowed to get off our horses because of the strict park rules. We weren't allowed a lunch break which made things hard on us and on our horses as well. Both Maria's mare Raudka and Aurora had excellent Ps + Rs for the first three vet checks but 3/4 of the way home Aurora got very tired from the constant steep hills so we had to walk home. I'm really proud of her for all she did and how well she handled the terrain. The two icys picked their way up and down the difficult terrain like goats, head lowered eyeballing good footing. Everyone loved the icys and how well behaved they were. They kept threatening us that they were going to steal them in the night. lol. It was wonderful exposure for the Icelandic Horses and there were people that remembered Maria and her mare from two years ago when they won the novice division. We need more Icelandic riders to get into the endurance and ctrs as I'm betting with great conditioning, they will excel in this sport as much as the arabs do. For the complete story, please go to the CIHF website www.cihf.ca and look under Newsletter and Article Archive.


We have been having a nice trail riding season this fall. Friends have come out to ride with us and enjoy the crisp fall air and beautiful views. We truely cherish having the mountains so close by.

Sept 1st/2013
Teeth Floating Day! It was time for Saevar to get his routine float as well as the lesson horses!

 August 24th/2013

Sleipnir fra Harlanda is sold! Congradulations to Maureen Giffin on her first Icelandic Horse!


August 17/2013

Busy summer! We have had a great summer here at Wild Rose Icelandic Horse Farm. Lots of rain has made the farm green and beautiful when usually the grass is brown and sun burnt. The holly hocks are in full bloom and the pastures are full of grass. Lucky for us we were able to do quite a bit of renovations here with the addition of the secret garden, renovations to the stalls in the barn, and renovations to some of the paddocks as well. The horses are happy and shiny. And thanks to Lola's consistent riding, the lesson horses are in top form. Because of the terrible flooding in Alberta this year we have been unable to ride in the mountains. We are planning on doing a bit of exploring this fall to find out if we can even GET to the trails. Fingers crossed. Lessons have been going on all summer with 20+ students and we had to take on an additional lesson horse as well to help with the work load. Training has been full this summer and we would like to thank the owners for bringing their horses to us. We are looking forward to a beautiful fall.


July 1st/2013

Happy Canada Day! It's a hot one here. 29c and feeling like 34c.

 June 15th and 16th/2013

Evaluations went well! Both horses showed well despite the 29c heat. They were a little heavy from the heat but still did well enough to score high. Vordis scored 8.00 for conformation(first prize) and Raudka scored an amazing 8.20 for conformation. For riding qualities both mares scored 8s and 8.5s with nothing lower. This was a great achievement for us as this is a testament to our training program. Despite being at the evals, both mares came out of it soft and supple. In fact Raudka's owner Maria Badyk was able to ride and enjoy Raudka two days later. Another big achievement was the award to Vordis for being the top 6 year old at the show. Thank you to all those that helped in the preparation as we couldn't do it without you. And a big congratulations to Maria Badyk for winning 2nd highest scored horse of the 2013 breeding evaluations.

Vordis fra Moondance Acres

Owned by Wild Rose Icelandic Horse Farm

Raudka fra Fitjamyri

Owned by Maria Badyk


June 09/2013

The time to leave for the Vernon Evaluations has arrived! For updates on how the horses are doing and their scores please go to our facebook page Wild Rose Icelandics where you can see more pictures of the farm as well as of the horses. We often post the happenings on the facebook page so it's a great way to follow us!



May 11/2013

We took some new pictures and video of our 3 year old stallion Saevar. He has amazing power, reach and natural carriage. As well our special feeding program is doing amazing things to his coat. For more information please go to the stallion page where you will find new pictures and a link to his video.


May 11/2013

Training continues for the evaluation/show horses. Our weather has made this challenging with strong winds and an abrupt jump from winter to summer. Two weeks ago we had snow and now we have 28c. The horses still have their winter coats so this is quite the change. 1 month to go before the evaluations and the horses are right on schedule with their fitness and training. Mountain riding is also just beginning and we are excited to be heading out next week to check the river levels! Here are some pics of Sleipnir fra Fitjamyri who will be going to a competition soon...


April 30th

We took a lovely ride down the valley and had some great views of the farm. Here are a few pics...

March 21/2013

Still in the depths of winter and impatient for spring! But here are some new pics of one of the horses we have here in training for the 2013 evaluations. Her name is Raudka fra Fitjamyri.


March 7/2013

We have a new page up under Services called Evaluation Horse Training. This page explains in detail our program for evaluation/show horses. Please feel free to have a look.  

February 16/2013

Aurora and I went to a gymkhana last weekend and did awesome! We did barrel racing, pole bending, flag race, and key hole to name a few. Aurora acted like a pro as she raced against 22 horses, all big horse breeds like quarter horses, appaloosas and thoroughbred polo ponies. Rider levels ranged from beginners having fun to riders with young green horses to experienced horses and riders going full tilt around the course. While this was not a timed gymkhana, Aurora and I seemed to be in the top three with the two thoroughbred polo ponies which was a great accomplishment for our first time. We stood in line with all the big horses talking and joking with the cowboys. Horses flattened their ears at Aurora and shoved their butts against her but she remained her polite totally composed self. As soon as she was pointed at the start line though, she would dance so eager to run the race. We had so much fun. Maria Badyk came later with her icelandic gelding Ice Cap. People loved his neat ice cappachino coloring and cheered as the little hairy guy raced around the barrels. We then raced against each other in the Keyhole race and had a blast. Here is the links to the videos taken of the Keyhole races:



Maria and Ice Cap(left) and Danielle and Aurora 

Danielle and Aurora with the line up of big horses. 

January 04/2013

We have a new page up on the website under Services called Our Lesson Horses. On this page are the pictures and biographies of our lesson horses.

December 31/2012

Merry Christmas and Happy New Years to Everyone! In the below link is a slideshow of our memories of 2012 at Wild Rose Icelandic Horse Farm.


November 11/2012

New pictures up on the Photo Gallery! Also in the Mountain Training Photos!  

November 11/2012

Winter has arrived and the horses are frosty!  

October 11/2012

We have a new horse listed for sale. Her name is Saphira and she is a Single Footing 4 year old mare. Please check out our Horses For Sale page for more information.  

October 6/2012

Sambucca is sold! Congradulations to Vernon and Alisa Thompson! Sambucca has gone to a wonderful home just south of Calgary near Spruce Meadows. Sambucca is a Single Footing mare that came here for training in the spring from BC. We will miss her lovely cuddly nature.  

October 4/2012

Gymkhanna season has begun!!! So far we have Maria on Ice Cap, Danielle on Aurora and Conny on Svalur to race the big horses around the poles and around the barrels. It will be fun to see how the Icelandic Horse fairs against the competition! 

 Sept. 29/2012

Verena Barber and her husband Michael came up to the farm this weekend from Edmonton and did some mountain riding with us! We had a fun time with some very hairy scary narrow trails along the way. It was good weather until later in the day where it became a little chilly and windy but that's fall for you.

Sept. 16/2012 

New pictures are up in the photo gallery! Also in the Mountain Training gallery. Go check them out!

Sept 16/2012 

Trail riding season is in full swing. It is finally cool enough to ride in the mountains after a very hot summer and we are making the most of it. The trees are turning their brilliant gold and the air is crisp with the smells of fall. The CTR we were planning for was cancelled sadly but theres always next year.

May 11/2012

A new horse is for sale! It's the talented mare Vordis fra Moondance Acres. Unfortunately we can't keep them all so she is being offered for sale. Please check our Mares for sale page for more info on this wonderful girl.  

May 5th & 6th 2012

The 2012 Vernon Breeding Evaluations commenced! Vordis fra Moondance Acres and Raudka fra Fitjamyri were shown in the full evaluation and Skvetta fra Moondance Acres was shown in just conformation. Skvetta once again scored first prize with a total score of 8.08 with 8s for most things and an awesome 9.0 for quality of legs. Vordis scored 7.77 for conformation with 8.5 for quality of legs and back and 8.0 for hooves. Her riding score was low. Unfortunatly the difficult trip exausted her and her lack of power and speed lowered her scores to 7s and 7.5s. Raudka scored 7.98 for conformation with an 8.5 for her hooves and 7.65 for her gaits with 8s across the board and an 8.5 for trot! She scored 3rd highest over all out of 30 horses and was the highest scored 4 gaiter there! Congradulations to Maria Badyk and her wonderful mare Raudka!

Raudka fra Fitjamyri 

Vordis fra Moondance Acres 

May 3/2012

On our way to the breeding evaluations in Vernon BC and our truck broke down! After 3 days of grief and stress, we found a different truck to use and arrived in Vernon at around midnight. The horses were exausted and so were we.   

March 16/2012

We have a new horse for sale! He is a very pretty chestnut pinto gelding named Sleipnir. Easy going temperament and willing to please. Please check our horses for sale page under "Geldings" 

March 11/2012

We will be hosting a Icelandic Horse Demo here on the farm tenitively March 11/2012 at 1pm (weather permitting) The demo will include a demonstration of a show type Icelandic, demonstration of the pleasure horse, a demonstration of all 5 gaits and an opportunity to try the tolt(running walk) on our lesson horses. We will also be bringing out our first prize horses to show the ideal conformation breeders look for along with a couple of 2 year old stallions to show the wonderful temperament these horses have. Information on the breed will also be provided. The demo will be held in our indoor arena. If you wish to join us, please RSVP as we have limited space available and limited horses to try. If there is enough interest, we will extend this demo to a two day event.

Contact wildrosehorsetraining@yahoo.ca for more details.  

 March 5/2012

Our sales page has changed!

 March 5/2012

We purchased Svalur today! He was on our sales page but we fell in love with him and don't want him to leave. Svalur will be our lesson horse, and a wonderful horse to take out to the mountains for a nice relaxing ride. We are so excited for him to join our herd!!!

February 19/2012

Loki has arrived!! He was lonely for the first night but now he has settled in with the boys Tyr, Saevar and Stefnir. A big thankyou to Judy Lowles at Icelandic Meadows in Sundre, Alberta. The extras that come with buying one of her foals is very thoughtful of her and it means I will be a repeat customer in the future. Loki arrived in excellent health, teeth, vaccinations, dewormed and farrier work done. Along with a nice coffee mug with Loki's picture on it, he came halter broke and use to having his feet worked with. He is friendly and loves people. This all speaks miles of the care he recieved. Thankyou and hugs to you Judy!  

January 21/2012

New videos are up of Svalur and Aurora! Check their ads on the Horses for Sale page! The videos are also under Services, and then Videos of Horses Trained. 

January 08/2012 

There is a new horse for sale! His name is Svalur and he is a wonderful trail horse. He's a natural tolter, smooth as cream, black and a sweet heart. Check out our horses for sale for more info on this one of a kind special horse.

December 24/2011

Merry Christmas and Happy New Years to all our friends and family. And to those who share a mutual love of the Icelandic Horse! Here is to the coming year!  

December 1/2011

Training for the up in coming evaluations has commenced!  

November 27/2011

Wind storm!!! We had a very strong chinook today. Wind speed was between 130kmph and 150kmph. We ended up with some damage unfortunately. The 3 sheets of metal off the barn roof came off, electrical problems and shingles from the house and other buildings came off. But most of it is fixed now. Just the roof to fix unfortunatly.  

 November 25/2011

Danielle Fulsher(Walton) is now on the Board of Directors for the CIHF(Canadian Icelandic Horse Federation).

 November 13/2011

Favorite links are now up! You can find it under the Home page. There are links for breeding farms, tack stores that are specifically for Icelandic Horses, horse transport, etc. As time goes on I will be adding more and more links. Enjoy!

November 2-6th/2011

Abbotsford for the weekend! Christopher, Nathaly and Chanel Jones hosted Level One and Two of the Badge Program. This is a program that has many levels with the top level being an instructor for competition level or Advanced Trail Riding. This was the first Badge Program to be hosted in Canada and it was a success. Everyone passed their Level One and several passed the Level Two. It was a fun weekend filled with great food, fantastic wine and lots of laughs. Thankyou to Bernie who was a great teacher, to Kathy Lockerbie for doing the final exam and her wonderful support and again to the Jones family for their hospitality, their hard work, and for supplying everyone with horses to ride.  

 October 28/2011

Fiona's new horse arrived today from Fitjamyri Icelandic Horse Farm. He is a big cuddly bear and will be very happy in his new home. Congradulations to Fiona and Svalur! We will be at your side to help you guys connect and become a team.


 October 22/2011

There is a new page added on to the menu. Go to Services and then Finding Your Dream Horse. We are offering to help people find the icelandic horse of their dreams. Whether it's a riding horse, competition horse or breeding horse, we will try our hardest to find it for you. If you have special requests for this horse, don't worry. Many people do. Everyone deserves to have a best friend and partner all rolled into one.  

 Octobler 14/2011

Our dear old horse Sponn passed away today. He will be greatly missed with his nickering in the mornings and how wonderful he was. Many people had their first time icelandic ride on him. He was also so wonderful with the little kids. Rest in peace my friend.

October 10/2011

Oddi has now been sold to Kathleen Darwin in Northern California! Congradulations Kit! Oddi is going to the best home I could ever hope for! We wish you and Oddi well.  

Sept 17/2011 

We want to wish a heartfilled congradulations to Maria Badyk and her man Mike for doing so well in the competitive trail ride that they competed in. Mike and his mare Selina scored high point and would have came in third but Selina decided that showing her teeth was not allowed so they lost valuable points but otherwise did an amazing race. Maria and her mare Rodka fra Fitjamyri won second place!! They were competing agains all kinds of breeds of horses. Arabians, quarter horses, appaloosas, etc and they did fantastic!! This was they're first competitive trail ride and it was a tough one. With drops into fast flowing rivers, steep and narrow inclines, swimming rivers and all this at a fast pace! Watch out big horses! Maria and Mike are just getting started!

 Sept 12/2011

We have now a new page to scope out! Go to Photo Gallery and you will see Mountain Training Photos. This is a new collection of photos showing some of what the horses get to do while being ridden in the mountains. This is a great experiance for all horses as they learn to balence themselves over rough terrain, they build strong muscles and gain valuable experiance with normally spooky things like rocks, logs, stumps, uprooted trees, wildlife, bridges, water crossings of all kinds, etc. Not only is it great for them physically, it's also wonderful for their minds. The horses love it just like we do!

Sept 1/2011

Oddi is no longer sold! He is up for sale and looking for a good home. Check our horses for sale for info on this wonderful guy.  

 August 8/2011

We have a new gelding joining our herd of young horses. His name is Loki from Icelandic Meadows. His father is Skirnir fra Fitjamyri who is the silver dapple stallion on our stallion page. Loki is currently with his mom at Icelandic Meadows but will be joining our herd in January of next year. Loki will be growing up here and when he is older he will be trained and then offered for sale.

July 15-17

Not only was there a young horse evaluation this weekend in Vernon but there was also a clinic on the conformation of your horse and how it affects your gaits and what needs to be worked on. Danielle was one of the riding instructors along with Barbara and Chanel Jones. Chanel and Danielle rode each horse and then gave an insight about what they felt and what could be worked on. Then each horse and rider combination had a lesson with Danielle and Chanel. The weekend was a great success! Everyone learned alot and had a wonderful time!   

July 17/2011

Young Horse Evaluation in Vernon this weekend. Saevar from Wild Rose Farm went and made history. He was judged at 8.40 for conformation, 8.0 for gaits and 8.0 for character. Barbara was extremely impressed. She commented saying that he was an extreamly beautiful five gaited yearling with clear beated tolt and extended trot. He has extremely large strides and he sparkles. He is currently the highest judged stallion for conformation in Canada and one of the highest judged stallions for conformation in North America.  

July 3/2011

 Went to the mountains today. And what an adventure! Crossing a river up to Stefnir's neck and moving fast we almost got swept down stream but Stebbi powered through. Plus a tretcherous trail with tonnes of little narrow creeks, rough ground and a pop up thunderstorm had us scrambling to get out of the rain and hail! Stebbi was the leader most of the time and he powered on through the whole trip. Lots of treats for Stebbi all through that difficult trail. He caught the attention of the quarter horse people and boy do they ever have alot of respect for him. They didn't know what to think when we started out. Little 13hh Stebbi poney. At the end they were even wanting to buy him. :)

June 24/2011

Today Vordis and Aurora started training. Both mares are very eager to learn and are looking very promising. Vordis is 4 years old and Aurora is 5 years old. Pictures and info on both mares is under horses for sale.



June 11/2011

Today we went and picked up our two new mares. Aurora(palomino) is a four gaited five year old and Vordis(chestnut) is a four gaited 4 year old. Once they settle in, they will be starting training. Both mares travelled very well and are happy to be with their old buddies Lydia and Skvetta. We are very excited to have these mares and we want to thank Ellen Hansen and Patrick Stewart from Moondance Acres for selling them to us. Most of our horses have come from Moondance Acres and as always they are well bred talented horses. Thankyou again!!!

June 9/2011

Skirnir fra Fitjamyri arrived today. He is a three year old silver dapple stallion. He will be staying here for the summer and possibly till the end of the year. He will be hanging out with our boys so he can play and be a part of the 'man' herd. For more info on this beautiful young stallion please check our stallion page.  

 May 29/2011

We bought two new youngsters today! Vordis fra Moondance Acres and Aurora fra Moondance Acres. Vordis is a four year old chestnut filly. She has the same mother as our 1st prize mare Skvetta and the same father as our yearling stallion Saevar.(Sproti fra Langhusum first prize 4 gaited stallion) Aurora is a 5 year old palomino mare also by Sproti. They will be here in training and then offered for sale when they are ready.

May 22/2011

Today was dooms day but due to miscalculations it has been reschedualed to October 21/2011.

May 20/2011

Oddi, our 5 year old gelding has been sold. He is a wonderful horse and I am happy to say he has found a wonderful home. Congradulations Maggie and John! I will miss him dearly.

May 15/2011

Michelle and her two children Kalysta and Braden came over to have their first ride on an icelandic! Sorry Michelle but I'm afraid Kalysta is hooked!

May 8/2011

Happy Mothers Day to all the wonderful mothers that make the worlds of your children complete!

April 27/2011

Spring cleaning for the farm! All of you out there that live on a farm know exactly what that's all about!

April 21/2011

I flew out to Tuskast Icelandic Horse Farm to meet Chris, Nathaly and Chanel. What a wonderfully unique farm they have! And it was really neat to see the system they have for their horses. So well thought out ensuring the horse's happiness. Plus because of their location, their horses are used to EVERYTHING UNDER THE SUN!!! I got to ride their riding horses too and they were all the same: high quality with good conformation and good gaits, soft in the mouth and willing to please. You guys should be very proud!

April 1/2011

Two new horses arrived at the farm today! Stefnir fra Icelandic Horse Farm and Skvetta fra Moondance Acres. Stefnir is a 13 year old chestnut gelding that we purchased from Robyn Hood and Phil Pretty. He is a been there done that gelding and is joining our team of lesson horses. We are very excited to have such a great horse! We purchased Skvetta from Ellen Hansen and Moondance Acres. Skvetta is going to join our broodmare band. She is big, beautiful and has a wonderful temperament. She is also first prize for conformation so we are very excited to have her.