Wild Rose Icelandic Horse Farm

About Us

Danielle Fulsher(Walton) and Kyle Walton run this picturesque farm in Alberta. Kyle is the man behind the scenes for everything from fixing and maintaining the trucks to helping with the horses and maintaining the farm. Danielle who is the farm manager and trainer, has been riding consistently since 1985 and started training Icelandic horses professionally in 1998. Since then she has trained horses all over Canada, in the US and has recently returned from a 3 year stay in Iceland. While in Iceland, Danielle worked with numerous FT trainers and had the opportunity to work with and train for some of the very top riders and Landsmot winners. She has extensive experience working with young horses and problem horses using patience and calming positive methods. A trainer in Iceland nick named her 'the Canadian horse whisperer' because of her ability to settle and befriend untouched wild horses in a very short period of time. And she has a particular love for clearing up five gaited pacy horses and transforming riding horses into high lifting competition horses using only suppling and exercises to "open the shoulders".  She has also ridden many horses in breeding shows and competitions in Iceland and Canada. In 2001, Danielle trained and rode Erill fra Sperdi to the first prize status of 8.13 which set the record as the first North American trainer to train an Icelandic horse to first prize status and as well Erill is the highest scored Canadian trained horse in Canada. As well in 2015 Danielle trained Blika 08 fra Fitjamyri to first prize status. Blika is now one of the highest scored domestic bred horses in Canada. Blika also has the second highest score for ridden abilities in North America with 8.42. Danielle was also the chosen rider to represent Blika at the 2015 World Championships in Herning Denmark for team Canada. In 2006 while training horses in Iceland, Danielle won the intermediate four gait finals at Islandsmot on a 5 year old five gaited problem horse who 3 months before had no lift, pacy tolt and bolted and bucked with his riders. 3 months of loosening up and problem solving his people hating issues created a high lifting five gaited competition horse that loved to work and loved people. This added on to a list of many other achievements. Not only in competition, but also with young or "problem horses". Danielle is now certified Badge Program Level 1 and 2 and was also on the Canadian Icelandic Horse Federation Board of Directors.


Above: Danielle and 6 year old Kowyn during a lesson

 Above: Danielle and Vordis fra Moondance Acres

Started and trained at Wild Rose Farm.

8s and an 8.5 for all scores in ridden abilities at the 2013 Canadian Breeding Evaluations.

Won T1 and Four Gait at the 2014 Vernon Competition

 Above: Blika 08 fra Fitjamyri. Trained by Danielle Fulsher. First prize mare with a ridden abilities score of 8.42. Highest judged domestic bred horse in Canada in 2014. Second highest ridden abilities score  domestic bred ever in North America. 

 Kyle Walton horsing around

 Above: Danielle and Raudka fra Fitjamyri, the second highest scored horse at the 2013 Canadian Breeding Evaluations. 

8s and 8.5s for all ridden abilities.

 Above: Danielle and Blika representing Canada at the World Championships in Herning Denmark.