Wild Rose Icelandic Horse Farm

Welcome to our farm

Nestled in a valley near the Rocky Mountains is our 29 acre Icelandic Horse farm. We are 40mins south of Calgary and just on the edge of the Alberta foothills. We have a mixture of rolling hills and flat land on our property which makes for a perfect spot for our young horses to grow up and develope. This is very important for the Icelandics as it creates strong bones, joints and surefootedness. It also is good for their souls.

The Icelandic Horse is a very unique breed. Don't be fooled by it's small stature. Because of their fantastic bone density, they can be ridden by adults and children which makes them a wonderful family horse. One of the great things about the Icelandic is they have a fantastic personality. They are a people horse that wants to be with you. They want to please you. They have alot of common sense and it continues to amaze thousands of people every day. They are so cheerful and easy to train. And then there is their wonderful array of gaits that they can give you. They have walk, trot, canter and then tolt and pace. The tolt is a running walk that is extremely smooth to ride. The pace is a two beat lateral racing gait. Pace is very exhilarating to ride and can be very fast. The top pace horses in the world have been clocked at 60kmph.